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              Comprehensive and timely service

              Technical support

              Yolico has a well-trained professional team to provide professional support services for users in product selection, on-site debugging, system maintenance and expert consultation. At the same time, with years of accumulated technical experience, yolico can provide users with turnkey engineering in the design process of the entire industrial automatic transmission system.

              Professional training

              In order to meet the needs of users, yolico has established a transmission technology laboratory with complete facilities in the factory, and equipped with almost all current yolico products and corresponding auxiliary equipment. With the help of professional technical training engineers, users can master yolico products and corresponding auxiliary equipment with the help of professional technical training engineers, Users can not only master the application skills of yolico products, but also further enrich and improve their professional and technical level.

              Networking efforts

              Up to now, yolico has set up a complete sales and service network in the mainland of China, which enables users to get satisfactory help no matter where they are.

              Shangnu and logistics support

              At the same time, yolico is equipped with a professional and efficient business and logistics support team. Rigorous management, unobstructed channels and rich system support experience can ensure that users can obtain the required products in a timely and safe manner and manage the contract cost to a greater extent.

              Technical information and website

              Yolico can provide Chinese and English materials of various series of products, help users to understand yolico products from the simple to the deep, and complete product selection, debugging and operation. Users can also log in to www.leershistorique.com to get more information about yolico,